Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our First Hater Review!!

Hey everyone!!

I have so much to write about the incredible events that went on in San Francisco- but first, GOOD NEWS!! The book has received it's first Bad Review!! It's in L Magazine!! Check it out here-

But more importantly, read this incredibly eloquent response from a LTT Reader that I received on the book's e-mail. I was really impressed by the reader's spot on comeback on what the L Reviewer said. This is less self-promotion, as it is simply an interesting discussion that I think could be begun by both the review and the response. Read on!!

"Hey Sabrina- I really enjoyed the book and events I went to surrounding it. I thought I'd pass along this letter I wrote in response to the recent review in l magazine. . ."

Dear Ms. Frank,

I feel like you’ve completely missed the point in your review of Live Through This: On Creativity and Self Destruction. Good for you that you got over your anorexia so completely that you can now minimize the experience and pass it off as a pickup line. However, for many of us, self destructive actions are experiences that we don’t look back on and belittle. More so, when we witness our sisters and daughters repeating patterns of self destruction, instead of passing it off as a trend, we try to do something about it.

I’ve read Live Through This and also attended a book reading event, and I applaud the authors and editor for creating an empowering space to discuss self-destructive experiences. This book validates the energy and passion that often fuels self destruction, and also critiques it as misplaced power, power that the writers of the book were able to redirect into their artistic passion. These women were able to find and harness their individual power and strength, and they don’t pretend that their masochism didn’t play a role in that search. They acknowledge and ascend it.

By spotlighting stories of strength and success, a helpful story is told, so rare in a culture that preys on the voyeuristic opportunities to glorify female failure. I felt that this was the first book I’ve read on the subject that did not “revel in every gory detail of my gender’s masochistic leaning.”

It’s disappointing that you missed this distinction.

Brooklyn , NY

Now, I totally agree with this response, but tell me. . .what do YOU think?


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Anonymous said...

That Lmagazine review was weird. I'm not even sure she actually read the book from the sparse few lines where she actually writes about the book itself.

I disagree with her review as well. The contributors in the book vary over a wide range of ages and likewise some issues are ongoing and some situations have changed over time. For me, I felt the book provided a wonderful, selection of talented, cool women showing that self-destructive tendencies or behaviours don't invalidate you as a person, that you don't have to throw the good out with the bad and you can learn to address, manage, accept or forgive the hard times and the times when you are hard on yourself.